Batgirl spanked by Batman for messing up

Having Batwoman spank Batgirl is all very well, but let's not forget about the guy who started this whole Bat-family thing - Batman himself! If you choose to model yourself on the great crimefighter, you should expect to be held accountable by him when you screw up. In this third entry in our "Batgirl in Trouble" series, we see what happens when, as the headline in the Gotham Gazette on the floor next to the chair informs us, "Batgirl Blows It" - she gets spanked by Batman! He's using a pretty good-sized Bat-Paddle, too, and you can see from the expression on Batgirl's face (and by looking at one other portion of her anatomy) that she really feels it! Strict, but fair - after all, letting the Joker get away is no laughing matter.

We first saw this fine piece some time ago on "Tan Her Hide" . Recently (Oct. 2009), we found a slightly better scan and have substituted it here, although both versions lack a signature. Nonetheless, it is thought by most of us who have seen it to be the work of [redacted]. It has certain obvious characteristics of [redacted]'s other work, for example the significant small detail (here, the newspaper headline) that reveals the reason for the spanking, the fine draftsmanship, and the "I'm-feeling-it-now" expression on the spankee's face - all of which serve to maximize the enjoyment of spanking connoisseurs like us! Also, the Bat-Paddle matches the design of the one in a known work of [redacted] here.

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