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Adventures of Patsy Spanking #1

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Little girls used to be very big in comics: Little Orphan Annie, Nancy, Little Lulu, Little Iodine, Li'l Jinx, Li'l Dot, etc. These strips are generally of little interest to us here at CSR because we're not interested in seeing children getting spanked, although we dutifully record such spanking scenes in the Comics Spanking Data Base. However, there were two spankings in one of the more obscure of these strips, The Adventures of Patsy. These seem to have been discovered independently by Robin, Andre, and of course CSR Chief Strip Researcher Sweetspot ubergeek.

Interestingly, the spankings took place only three days apart (real time) and were probably only minutes apart in strip time! We'll see the first one here, but first let's become a little familiar with the strip. This example is from 1938, and while early in the strip's run many changes have already taken place. Patsy is now a child actress with Paragon Pictures, and below she expresses how much she misses her parents even though one or the other of them sometimes wanted to spank her! This is only a spanking mention, and it isn't Patsy but a full-grown bad girl who takes the actual spankings later on.

adventures of patsy 12/27/1938

Adventures of Patsy December 27, 1938. Story and art by Mel Graff. Scan by Sweetspot. © Associated Press Syndicate (click to increase in size)

Now let's skip ahead twelve years to the first three days of March, 1950, where we meet our spankee-to-be Rosetta Blaine. She's rich, spoiled, and bratty - and does she need a spanking! Mel Graff had left the strip by this time to do other work, so the story and art here are by Bill Dyer.

adventures of patsy 03/01/1950 to 03/03/1950

Adventures of Patsy March 1 to March 3, 1950. Art by Bill Dyer. Scan by Andre. © Associated Press Syndicate

Rosetta is plainly upset by her discovery that her co-star, Jed Nevada, is a real-life "dude," and she begins to take it out on the television equipment her father has bought. Observing her tantrum, Patsy suggests that Mr. Blaine take a "firm hand," and he agrees!

adventures of patsy 03/04/1950

Mr. Blaine spanks his daughter Rosetta in Adventures of Patsy, March 4, 1950. Art by Bill Dyer. Scan taken from the San Rafael, CA Daily Independent Journal by Sweetspot. © Associated Press Syndicate

Now let's take a closer look at the spanking panel:

adventures of patsy march 4, 1950 spanking panel

The spanking panel. Scan by Sweetspot. © Associated Press Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/16/2018 (click to double-size).

Good OTK positioning with the spankee's hips right where they should be and a startled expression on her face. Plenty of pain stars and some sound effects indicate this spanking is being felt! Rosetta doesn't seem to have learned much from it, however, as she earned a second spanking only minutes later as we'll see next time.

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