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Alfred Spanks Catwoman

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We have seen several instances in which a superhero spanked a villainess, for example Firebrand / Helga and Plastic Man / gangster girl. One very logical spanking pair-up that never occurred was the stern Batman and the self-involved Catwoman. However, there is a little-known story from Batman's early days in which Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler, actually did spank the Catwoman! Unfortunately, the spanking takes place off-panel so it does not qualify for the Comics Spanking Data Base, but we'll examine the episode now anyway.

The story was called "The Duped Domestics" and it appeared way back in Batman #22 (April-May 1944). Alfred has become infatuated with Belinda, a maid at a neighboring estate. What he doesn't know is that Belinda is really The Catwoman in disguise, casing the estate for a future robbery. As the opening caption informs us, "Beware the righteous wrath of the romantic Romeo!" which in this case takes the form of a good spanking!

batman #22 duped domestics

The Duped Domestics, from Batman #22 (April-May 1944). Story by Alvin Schwartz, art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. © DC Comics Inc.

batman #22 alfred wearing batman costume

Alfred dons a Batman costume. © DC Comics Inc.

batman #22 alfred about to spank catwoman

"A little spanking will do the trick" - and how! © DC Comics Inc.

We don't need to become too involved with the details of the plot, but Alfred dons a Batman costume and then discovers Belinda is really Catwoman and that she's planning a robbery. Confronting her, he decides a spanking is in order, and promises that "it will hurt you more than it will me!"

Apparently, Alfred was as good as his word, for when he brings her to Wayne Manor she declines Bruce's offer of a chair. Later, Bruce says "I still think, Alfred, that you were rather drastic with her" - a strange remark coming from the supposedly tough-guy Batman. There really was no good reason not to include the spanking panel, and since this was ten years before Fredric Wertham's complaint about "erotic spanking" in comic books, we can only guess that the writer or editor felt that a woman should not be subjected to the "public" indignity of a spanking - a serious error in judgment, especially considering how many other spankings took place in DC Comics.

batman #22 alfred about to spank catwoman

The Catwoman prefers to remain standing after being spanked by Alfred! © DC Comics Inc.

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