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Jungle Comics #6 Terry Thunder Spanking

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jungle comics #6 terry thunder spanking panel

Captain Terry Thunder has appeared in this gallery once before, with a spanking scene in Jungle Comics #119. At that time, we didn't know that he had given an earlier spanking back in Jungle Comics #6 (June 1940), but we know now, so let's take a look at it.

The OTK positioning is only fair, without enough bending at the waist, but the spankee's expression of distress is nice. The unknown artist did not use conventional "pain stars" to indicate the sting in her bottom, instead drawing wavy lines away from the area which to us suggest a radiating heat! Perhaps fortuitously, the printer slightly misaligned the red plate, making what should have been the outline of the spankee's orange dress also suggest radiating heat.

As our story opens, we seen the Congo Lancers preparing for the arrival of Gloria Frazier, a General's daughter.

jungle comics #6 terry thunder splash page

The splash page of Terry Thunder, from Jungle Comics #6 (June 1940). Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/13/2012.

When Miss Frazier arrives, we see that she's a spoiled and pampered brat, well-deserving of the OTK treatment!

jungle comics #6 spankee miss frazier

Our spankee to be, Gloria Frazier, demonstrates that she needs to be taken down a peg.

When she is captured and Terry comes to rescue her, Gloria blows an opportunity to escape by failing to follow Terry's orders. Realizing some discipline is needed, he turns her over his knee. His remark that spanking is no longer an approved form of discipline probably refers to the outlawing of corporal punishment in the military. After the spanking, she's looking daggers at him - a sure sign it was effective!

jungle comics #6 spanking page

The spanking page, where Gloria Frazier receives her just desserts!

jungle comics #6 post-spanking panel

Later on, Gloria redeems herself somewhat by helping Terry, and the two of them finally escape. In this panel, she makes explicit mention of the spanking, something we always like to see. Of course it would be nicer if she were still rubbing or complaining about how much it hurt, or even if she made a logical answer to his question, but any spanking reference is better than none.

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