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Mandrake #2

We spankos owe a real debt of gratitude to Lee Falk, who created both Mandrake and The Phantom. Not only did he give us two fine strips, he thoughtfully sprinkled both of them with a number of spankings. We saw another one from Mandrake here and one from The Phantom there. (Four more Phantom spankings will be presented in this gallery in coming weeks, and there has already been some discussion of them on the forum.) Both of those examples featured a haughty female whose arrogance and sense of superiority get her a much-deserved comeuppance. This type of spanking must have had a lot of appeal for Falk (as indeed it does for us), for this second example from Mandrake follows the same pattern.

mandrake spanking 2

Art by Phil Davis. © King Features Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/10/2010.

We think this is the June 29, 1962 installment of the strip. "White Goddess" is usually a generic term, used to describe the various Jungle Girl types who used to be so common in the comics. In this case, the daughter of a (presumably deceased) explorer is literally referred to as "The White Goddess" after growing up in some savage land. Apparently, her grandfather prevailed upon Mandrake to bring her home. When she starts ordering Mandrake and others around, her grandfather teaches her a lesson in humility by turning her OTK - a fine scene!

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