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man spanks woman at beach

Art by George Churchward (colorist unknown). Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/02/2014.

George Jackson Churchward is a reasonably well-known spanking artist, although we'd say it was more common to run into his work ten years ago than it is today, perhaps because so many spanking sites have been lost in that time. And yet this is the first appearance his work has had in this gallery, for what reason we can't say. Perhaps we simply didn't have any copies handy until we tried to salvage what we could from, which is where we think this one came from, in its last days.

Churchward seems to approach composition the way an illustrator would - you can easily imagine the action here being described in prose - and he brings off the modified OTK position (with the spanker lifting the spankee under her midsection) pretty well, although this position looks too tiring for us to recommend it. But there's not much eroticism here, which is how we remember his other work also.

05/20/2014 Update: Shortly after this page was first posted, Phil (Overbarrel) provided us with some additional information about Churchward. First of all, it seems he died back in 2000. Second, his usual colorist was Frank Steiner, who apparently colored this drawing (note the "FST" in the lower left-hand corner). Phil also had this to say:

"You mentioned that there isn't much eroticism in this drawing and I think you'll find that in most cases. the drawings he does of men spanking their wives are punishment spankings were the man is obviously blistering her bottom good. Also, the fashion model characters typical of Ward's drawings are absent in Churchward's work. These are obviously just plain, ordinary folks and aren't particularly good looking. Having said that, I must say that I have a great admiration for Churchward's ability to draw the human body and to depict spanking scenes"

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