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alazar f/f spanking 418

Art by Alazar (click to increase in size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/19/2014.

Outside of superheroine spanking, where the F/F orientation dominates the work produced by independent artists, we don't tend to give F/F that much attention here at CSR. It isn't that we categorically ignore it but rather that most of our readers favor M/F. When we do select a F/F piece, we hold it to the same high standards that apply to M/F, and we definitely favor those with an erotic flavor such as this one from the well-known bondage artist Alazar.

We say "erotic" because it's fairly obvious that despite the use of the traditional hairbrush, something besides pure discipline is going on here - exactly what may be left to the imagination. Good OTK positioning, sexy lingerie on the spanker and a bare bottom for the spankee enhance the scene.

We've seen Alazar's work previously in Teacher Gets a Spanking.

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