cake topper groom spanks bride Wedding cakes don't normally lend themselves to experimentation - we all expect the cake to be white, with the standard figures of the bride and groom on the top as a decoration ("vanilla" indeed). But we spankos are an inventive lot, and one of us came up with the idea of having the groom spank the bride - delicious fun, but likely to raise a few eyebrows at the reception, at least anywhere outside of California.
spanking punk couple caketopper Most people try to look their best at a wedding. Not these two in our second example, however - they're a little more "punk", if that's the correct term. My, don't they look elegant with their stiletto hair and various piercings. Good taste is nowhere in evidence - wouldn't you want the figurines to look as nice as possible on your wedding cake? Although come to think of it, by the slovenly standards of today's youth, these two might not be that bad - yeuchh!
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