spanking in american eagle advertisement
Helena sent this one to us. Like the Chase and Sanborn coffee ad , it demonstrates that in the minds of some advertising men, spanking has the kind of sex appeal that helps sell the product. Something very similar would explain the occasional spanking reference in movies or T.V., at least during the recent past when traditional sex roles and male authority had unfortunately been almost completely eliminated from these media. This appeal would seem to be based on a hint of something naughty and unavailable; novelty in the midst of sameness to make the viewer/customer (there being little difference between the two, any more than between ad men and Hollywood types) think he was getting something special.

There was a double-irony and a double-fraud in this: Hollywood's condescending air of superior sophistication was belied by its complete ignorance of what the spanking scene was really about; it knew no more (and probably less) about unconventional sexuality than the heartland audiences it viewed as hicks and rubes. At the same time, both Hollywood and Madison Avenue continued to crank out the same kind of bland garbage they always had instead of producing something really new and different; in other words, spanking suggested and promised innovative content that never came.

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