Spanking tips from an american magazine

posted by the Web-Ed 02/26/2010

With some help from JimC, we've come across a lot of spanking material on Yahoo, including a great deal from old magazines. We don't intend to post most of the older, vintage stuff (at least on separate pages) because for us it is only of historical interest, but where one example will serve as a representative of a larger class, we'll go ahead with it. Such is the case here, where we see what appears to be a mother-daughter spanking from the late 1940's or early 50's.

We don't know the name of the magazine, or the substance of the accompanying article, but the art has the look of genuine Americana, with an almost Norman Rockwell feel to it. It may well in fact have come from American Magazine, which was a Sunday supplement in the Hearst newspapers during this period. Whatever the daughter's offense was that led to a spanking here, it was probably pretty mild by today's standards. Nowadays, most parents are probably relieved if their daughter is not pregnant or using drugs, yet there is much to be said for a time where staying out too late or simple disobediance, perhaps, was considered grounds for immediate correction by a spanking. Now, we're not approving of the spanking itself, just the stricter standards of behavior, although we note in passing that the spanking of teen-agers is much less likely to cause psychological harm than the spanking of younger children.

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