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opposites OTK spanking

A nice, simple OTK spanking. Artist unknown; posted by the Web-Ed on 11/22/2013 (click to double-size).

A simple yet effective drawing by an unknown artist: a happy couple has some OTK fun! This is definitely a consensual and non-disciplinary scene as both participants are obviously having a good time. The guy is a little wacky-looking but manages to keep his eye on the target, which is nicely-shaped, and the OTK positioning is quite good, displaying the aforementioned target to its best advantage. We have no record of where we found this, which probably means we rescued it from in its final weeks. (Normally, we try to keep accurate records of where we find spankings, but with UA we were up against enormous time pressure since we were trying to save the site, and when that failed we had to deploy a robot to scavenge whatever we could before its domain expired). The picture's file name contained the words "andy" and "opposites" but we have no idea what they signify unless "andy" was the artist's first name.

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