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Ann Possible spanks Kim Possible. Art by Bivouac. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/08/2014

So far in our Kim Possible series we've seen Kim getting spanked a number of times, but only by her enemy Shego and by an automated security system. But Kim is still in high school, thus subject to getting spanked by her folks, and we'll see these domestic scenes next. The spanker this time is her mother Ann Possible, who wants to make sure that Kim knows she has a curfew even though she's a world-saving heroine.

The artist is Bivouac, whom we've seen before in Doctor Cylon's Gallery. The expressions are the highlight here, with Kim showing embarrassment at getting a bare-bottom spanking in front of her friend Bonnie, who wears a sly, satisfied grin, and Ann looking nice and strict. Since Bivouac did this one ten years ago in 2004, we're surprised that we had never come across it until last year.

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