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Ann Possible Spanks Vivian Porter

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Ann Possible spanks Vivian Porter. Art by Gagala. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/08/2014

As we go through our Kim Possible series it never ceases to amaze us how various artists have found spanking possibilities between some of the more remote characters. Vivian Porter, our spankee here, is a scientist who was offered a job by Dr. James Possible, Kim's father. However, it's Kim's mother, Ann Possible, who's spanking Vivian here, and with a, er, most unusual implement! We don't post explicit sexual acts on CSR, and this drawing was part of a series which as we remember it did feature exactly that, but by itself it meets our standards. Obviously, something more than spanking is going on here, but we'll forget about that and just enjoy the fact that Vivian apparently really feels the strokes across her behind!

The artist is Gagala, and he did a good job with the expressions, plus we do get the OTK position. We have to wonder what this artist could have done with James Possible as the spanker. We found this on rule34, a cartoon porn site.

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