Annette Funicello Gets Spanked!

man spanks annette funicello

posted by the Web-Ed 05/07/2010

Last time, we had a wife getting spanked in a 1950's magazine. This time, from another magazine published probably in the late 1960's or early 1970's, we find Annette Funicello OTK. We're not sure what the circumstances were, but it seems to be a nice, playful spanking. "Fun and games with Annette and Fabian" - indeed!

the complete two page spread

Here is the entire photo spread. It's still not clear to us exactly why Annette had to hide her pregnancy - possibly due to a filming schedule - but of course, we only care about the spanking anyway.

We're actually not all that excited about celebrity spankings in general, the cult of celebrity not having the hold on us it seems to on many others. We'd rather see a complete unknown getting a good spanking than the most famous woman in the world getting a bad one. But we like this one since we haven't seen it posted anywhere else and Annette has a big smile on her face!

annette funicello in bikini with transistor radio

Some of our readers may be too young to know who Annette Funicello is, which is another way of saying that we're too old not to know who she is! Annette had been one of the original Mouseketeers in the 50's (supposedly the only one cast by Walt Disney himself, which is interesting as she became by far the best-known). Trained as a dancer, she did some singing on The Mickey Mouse Club and later, as a teen star in the 60's, had some hit singles which we admit we missed. What was impossible to miss was a string of rather silly beach movies she made with Frankie Avalon during the mid 60's. They were ubiquitous, and harmless, but also mindless - thin excuses to get a bunch of kids singing and dancing at the beach.

This photo appears to have been taken around that time. (It's interesting to note that the transistor radio she's holding would still have been a fairly new invention). Annette was certainly attractive and, in that sense, spankable, but she was so innocent and genuine that you couldn't honestly say she deserved to get spanked. On the other hand, she was a good candidate for the playful type spanking (what the article calls "fun and games"), and it's a great pity they didn't have one in any of those movies, where the setting (beach) and the clothing (bikini) were ideal for the purpose.

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