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one gladiatrix spanks another in the arena

The winning gladiatrix prepares to deliver stinging strokes to the loser's upraised fanny once the Emperor gives the o.k. Art by Zarathul (click to double-size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/10/2014.

One of the less-edifying spectacles of modern entertainment is the catfight, in which two females fight it out for the enjoyment of men. Think of women's wrestling (or its variant mudwrestling) or gratuitous F/F fights in movies. Of course, its value is increased greatly if the fight ends with a good spanking! We remember such examples as a wrestling match in which the winner got to apply a pretty pink paddle to the loser (available somewhere on Youtube), and a cheap mail-order comic in the early 80's that was advertised with the claim that "the loser gets a tanning with a tree branch" although we never bought it.

Zarathul (alias Andrew Hunter) is a skilled good girl/fantasy artist whose subject matter could be described as sexual horror, i.e. beautiful naked women in situations such as being in imminent danger of getting ravished by some type of monster. He manages to get a good deal of eroticism into his figure drawing, and he's a pretty capable writer also, so we think it's a pity so much of his output is devoted to horror (a genre we abominate) rather than works like the excellent light-hearted spanking piece we see here. The composition is extremely clever, with the spankee bent over her own shield and pinned in place with the spanker's trident. The short thong, probably made of leather or goatskin, would have been the kind of whip used in ancient times.

Below are two nicely-colored versions we picked up somewhere over the past three years. The unknown colorist of the first added a background suggesting a Roman arena, while Doctor Sin took a completely different approach in the 2nd.

one gladiatrix spanks another in the arena

Colorist unknown (click to double-size).

one gladiatrix spanks another in the arena

Colored by Doctor Sin (click to double-size).

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