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Bridgette Gets Spanked, by SpankingToons, SP Anka, and Oxken

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Art by SP Anka as modified by Oxken. Bridgette is © SpankingToons. The spanker is © SP Anka. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/23/2015 (click to enlarge).

This one has an unusual pedigree. It began as an art trade between SP Anka and SpankingToons: SP Anka did a drawing featurning SpankingToons' original character Bridgette (our spankee here). Then CSR's old friend and contributor Oxken entered the picture - literally - and did some alterations, removing the third character (Bridgette's mother) from the scene, changing the background, and improving the OTK position by bringing Bridgette's hips directly over the spanker's left leg and bending her further over. Our thanks to everyone involved and of course an extra tip of the cap to Oxken for sending it in to us.

SP Anka was one of four young spanking artists we interviewed back in 2010. You can find that interview along with more of her art and some further critical commentary here.

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