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Milo Spanks Kida from Atlantis

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milo spanks kidagakash from atlantis

© Disney. Art by Kevin Karstens from an idea by Bawdy Bard. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/18/2013.

Although we grew up loving cartoons, we don't really follow modern animated efforts and so it took us a while to recognize Milo and Kidagakash from Atlantis: The Lost Empire and its direct-to-video sequel Atlantis: Milo's Return. One of the things we don't like about today's cartoons is that they're so tendentious and politically correct; for example, Kida is described by a source we located as a "skilled hunter" even though in all known early human civilizations hunting was done exclusively by males. Thus in the name of avoiding "gender stereotyping" today's entertainment peddlers tell children (by implication) that there are no differences between the sexes.

Well! - one thing that gives the lie to this sort of P.C. piffle is human sexual behavior, although it cannot be included in children's entertainment. Bawdy Bard took the opportunity to remind us that even a strong woman desires to submit to her man, as we see here with Kida getting spanked by the rather spindly Milo, whom she's glad to find out is stronger than he looks! Kevin Karstens again combines the animation style with enough realism to produce an erotic whole, and we have to cheer on Milo as he shows his Queen who's boss.

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