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bad bettie page spanks good angel

Art by Olivia. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/16/2015.

Olivia De Berardinis is one of the few female practioners of Glamor Girl Art (or "cheesecake art" as it is sometimes known). Olivia can be thought of as the successor to artists of an earlier generation like Alberto Vargas, whose "Vargas Girl" was a familiar feature in Playboy magazine - in fact, you can find Olivia's work there as well. She's been very successful at it for the past 40 years, and Bettie Page is one of her favorite subjects. Although not really a spanking artist, Bettie is so closely associated with bondage and spanking it would be surprising if Olivia had never done a Bettie spanking piece. In this one, bad girl Bettie spanks a good angel.

It's a nice painting, with feathers flying as Bettie's hairbrush does its work - score one for the bad guys, er, bad girls. Of course, what's needed next is a good strong man to take bad girl Bettie over his knee for a spanking of her own - we've never seen Olivia do one like that, although as we recall she did one of Bettie getting spanked by another girl.

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