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There are four kinds of spanking material we can present here on CSR:

  1. Great intrinsic worth and probably unavailable anywhere else
  2. So-so intrinsic worth and probably unavailable anywhere else
  3. Great intrinsic worth and probably available somewhere else
  4. So-so intrinsic worth and probably available somewhere else
Items that fall under Category 4 probably shouldn't be presented; fortunately, our selection today is Category 2 - not A-1 quality, but on the other hand, it's unlikely you'll find it elsewhere. This came from a cheap spanking paperback entitled "Basketball Blistering" that passed through our hands recently - it wasn't even typeset, but just photocopied at reduced size from the original typewritten pages - and it was very short, but it did have about seven illustrations by an uncredited artist, four of which we'll see now.

fly-swatter spanks butt in basketball blistering

1. This first one is unintentionally humorous - a flyswatter is applied at an awkward angle to a somewhat oversized bare butt. We could have put it in the Humor Gallery instead. Believe it or not, this was the drawing the publisher chose to grace the cover! (We'll add the cover to the Paperback Cover Gallery one of these days.)

belt spanks butt in basketball blistering

2. Looks like the same butt here. This time, our spanker chose the belt over the fly-swatter. The spankee should not have been allowed to bend her knees.

bambood rods spank butt in basketball blistering

3. It's unclear what the implement is supposed to be this time - it really looks like three short bamboo rods. We like a nice round bottom, but this one is once again a little too large for the rest of the body. (Click to triple-size).

stand-up spanking in basketball blistering

4. This one's not too bad, although again the knees should be kept straight and the spanker should be standing behind the spankee instead of reaching around awkwardly from the front. If he had taken her OTK it would have improved things somewhat. At least the spankee is reasonably well-proportioned. (Click to triple-size).

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