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Sometimes spanking materials come through our hands on their way to being sold, and of course we always check them to see if they contain anything we want to post before we sell them. From Corporal magazine (Winter 1969-70) we took this better-than-average OTK spanking photo. The spankee is really quite attractive and the OTK positioning isn't bad. I always find it interesting to look at pre-1980 spanking magazines, even though they're often disappointing because they were put out by porno publishers who cared nothing about spanking. Corporal was different, and may in fact have been the first real spanking magazine to be published on an ongoing basis. (Dedicated spanking mags seem to go back to the 1950's, but the ones we've seen or even heard of were apparently one-issue wonders. Why that was is a question for another day, especially since we don't know the answer right now!)

spanking from corporal magazine

From Corporal magazine (Winter 1969-70, click to double-size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/14/2014.

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