outdoor spanking photo of unknown origin

Another entry in our "outdoor spanking" series. We've had this one in our files so long, we don't remember where we found it, although it could always have been on The House of Richard Windsor, probably the premier source of vintage spanking photos. The spankee is rather nicely positioned, but for the life of us we can't figure out what that thing is she's tied over. As we've remarked before, we find these old spanking photos more amusing than erotic - dig the old-style lingerie!

Now about the implement: oars are for rowing; paddles are for spanking. An oar is extremely heavy, unwieldy, and inaccurate - a poor substitute for a well-crafted paddle that can deliver a stinging but harmless swat right on target every time. We do remember one oar-spanking in film: Gregory Peck gave Ava Gardner a light-hearted but still plenty solid whack with one in The Beach, otherwise a very grim movie. And Eve Howard of Shadow Lane once related the story of allowing a man with an oar-fixation to take a swing at her with one, but that was a number of years ago - we expect she'd be more wary today.

09/08/2008 update: one of our readers, Mark, has solved the mystery: that funny-looking "spanking bench" is actually a piece of outdoor furniture turned upside down! "It is one of those pool side chaise lounges with the ratcheting hinges. You can click the side up into a reclining position or you can lay it down flat to sun your back. Or you can push both of them over to form a triangle and a spanking bench." Good detective work, Mark!

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