Caned Over Stool

drawing of woman bent over stool for the cane

We found this years ago and liked the spankee's positioning, but couldn't identify the artist. The "Red Palm" imprint was no help, either, because we don't know who Red Palm was even though we've encountered the imprint before (see this page for further discussion). But after studying the drawing for a while, we realized it was modeled on a caning panel from Carrie.

drawing of woman bent over stool for the cane carrie gets the cane

Nothing wrong with that, although on balance Don Lawrence, who drew the Carrie panel, appears to be the superior artist. We'd guess the unknown artist knew more about caning than Lawrence did, but his art hasn't been reproduced that clearly, so we can't make out, for instance, the parallel cane stripes. His canee's feet are more sensibly positioned; on the other hand, Lawrence's line is clean, his anatomy is better (note the headmaster's hand), and "Carrie" has the advantage of being colored.

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