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casper spanks by dave wolfe

Art by Dave Wolfe. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/30/2015 (click to increase in size).

Dave Wolfe, an old friend of CSR's, did this very cute cartoon featuring Casper, the friendly ghost. And in defense of friendship, it appears that the spanker has become the spankee as Casper applies his cane to her behind for having spanked Casper's friend whom we see rubbing her sore backside in the background. The spankee's reaction here - "A G-G-Ghost!!" - is taken from the cartoons in which poor Casper, always trying to make friends, would be greeted by those frightened words when people saw him. Variant OTK position is used, with Casper seated on the ground and the spankee's slacks taken down, revealing an ample target. Good work from one of the leading contemporary spanking cartoonists!

You can find more of Dave's work at Wolfietoons.

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