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spanking coffee advertisement We recently saw this spanking ad on The Cherry Red Report , and were reminded that we'd had our own copy lying around in the files for almost a year. We figure it's about time we posted it. Judging by the woman's hair style, this ad dates from the ealy 1960's. Let us observe a number of things:

- The authority of a man to spank his wife for good cause (like being served coffee that's not fresh enough) is taken for granted.

- Sometimes the 50's and early 60's are portrayed as as a dull, almost sexless era, but the advertising agency which created this ad obviously believed spanking was sexy enough to help sell the product. (First rule of advertising - sex sells). This means it was recognized back then that the act of a man spanking a woman has (or at least can have) sexual overtones (notice that the female model is extremely attractive). There was in fact a noticeable liberalization of sexual mores beginning in the 1940's - for example, the famous spanking in Kiss Me Kate (1948) obviously had a sexual subtext.

- The husband isn't exactly Beau Brummel - in fact, he's wearing flood pants and argyle socks! How did he wind up with such a good-looking wife?

chase sanborn spanking ad converted into drawing

03/25/2011 Update: We don't recall where we turned this up, but here's an artist's re-creation or alteration of this famous (in spanking circles) ad, or at least the essential portion of it.

chase sanborn spanking ad version from Lucas

09/26/2014 Update: Our long-tim helper Lucas sent us this version some time ago. It's truncated, but also a little clearer than the original version above.

chase sanborn spanking ad version from Lucas

Richard Windsor found this fascinating re-creation of the classic ad. Apparently, this one was done as part of a senior project by a marketing major, whom we believe is also playing the part of the spankee! Well done, young lady - you get an "A" for the course from us!

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