clark gable in 1931 Masculine and extremely handsome, Clark Gable was one of Hollywood's foremost leading men. We would imagine that during the 1930's any women into spanking must have fantasized about being taken over his knee. In fact, we think some spanking fiction has been written around the idea of Rhett Butler spanking Scarlet O'Hara, something that did not actually occur in the 1939 film Gone With The Wind.
clark gable spanks María Elena Marqués However, in 1951's Across The Wide Missouri, Gable did apply a hairbrush to María Elena Marqués, Across Her Wide Behind. Interestingly, it was in this film that the late Ricardo Montalban was permanently injured in a fall from a horse. The limp he walked with ever afterwards did not prevent him from giving a spanking of his own (to Michelle Phillips) on the T.V. series Fantasy Island, in which he starred.
spanking from challenge magazine As we said above, we imagine Clark Gable was a part of many a female spanking fantasy. In support of that claim, we offer this drawing from Challenge magazine (July 1959 issue), where the fellow giving the spanking bears a suspicious resemblance to him.
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