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One of the horror flicks we remember seeing on T.V. when we were young is The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). Probably unfamiliar today to most people under forty, it's considered to be something of a classic, but if so, it's a classic only by Hollywood's debased standards. Hollywood reduced science fiction, by then a respected literary genre, to silly plots about such important matters as giant grasshoppers, giant spiders, giant women (one deadly menace after another), or as here, an unknown creature from the Amazon jungle. It is notable for being one of the very first films shot in 3-D, and we remember a special showing on Chicago television during the 80's where it was actually broadcast in the original 3-D, which required the viewer to use polarized 3-D glasses (available free at local 7-11 stores).

creature from the black lagoon

The Creature menaces bathing beauty Kay (Julie Adams).

While the film had no spanking, it apparently set Lyndal Ferguson's imagination to working, and he kindly sent us this drawing (more of Lyndal's work may be found in CSR's pages on Mr. Monster and Catwoman). When the Creature posts a "NO SWIMMING" sign next to his beloved Black Lagoon, he's not just kidding around, as this pretty female scofflaw finds out the hard way.

creature from the black lagoon spanks girl for ignoring no swimming sign

No Swimming In The Black Lagoon, by Lyndal Ferguson. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/16/2011

Her bikini taken down, she receives the firm spanking she deserves, with the Creature's hand leaving its distinctive imprint upon her bare bottom! This is an unusual piece in many ways, from Lyndal's choice of subject matter to the large number of animals witnessing the scene (five, not including the Creature or the spankee) to his striking use of colors.

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