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girl bent over cannon for spanking with rope's end

A girl gets the merrie rope's end on her rear end, much to the delight of two scurvy deckhands. Art by Dave Carney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/15/2013 (click to double-size).

We did a short series on the spanking art of Dave Carney about a year ago, but although we remembered this one we didn't have it in our collection at that time. We must have picked it up somewhere since then because here it is: a young woman wearing tights and a modern hairstyle is bent over an 18th or 19th-century ship's cannon to receive strokes from the rope, or "the merrie rope's end" as we believe it used to be called. A young captain administers the punishment while two scurvy sea-dogs happily look on.

Carney generally favors the cane, and in fact we think that implement would have been appropriate here since boys in the British Navy were sometimes caned aboard ship (a much less severe punishment than flogging with the cat o'nine tails, which was used on grown men). He also usually does the bending-over position quite well, and that is the case here with the spankee looking straight ahead (we'd like to think the captain ordered her to lift her head up) so as to arch her back and turn her bottom up to receive the strokes. Her eyes are wide open after receiving what we presume to be the first stroke, and they'll stay open as the captain continues to lay it on. Ah well - ship's discipline must be maintained.

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