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Bend Over and Hold Ankles for the Cane!

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dave carney art girl bent over holding her ankles about to be caned

Art by Dave Carney (click to increase in size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/07/2012.

For the second in a series of drawings by Dave Carney we have again the moments before a caning begins. We mentioned in the first entry those moments hang long in the mind of the canee, and how much longer they must seem to witnesses who know their turn is next! The two girls here who see the third's panties coming down as she must hold her ankles can only hold on to each other for what scant comfort this affords - a nice touch.

Carney does the holding-ankles position rather well, and the cane is probably the implement best suited to it. Again we see Carney's very fine line and unique style, which we think was unfortunately never fully developed as Carney did relatively few spanking drawings that we know of, perhaps a couple of dozen. We wish he had done a follow-up here to show the stroke actually landing and the spankee's response.

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