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desiree from danny phantom and kim possible's shego

Desiree and Shego by Tsaalyo. (Click to enlarge). Shego © Disney. Desiree © Nickelodeon & Butch Hartman.

Last time we introduced Kim Possible and her nemesis Shego. We're going to see Shego again now, and once again on the receiving end of a spanking from someone outside Kim Possible's cast of characters: Desiree from Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom is a 14-year-old who becomes a half-phantom and sort of a ghost-hunter. One of the ghosts he encounters is Desiree, who is also half-genie. Desiree roams the world and must grant every wish she overhears, but twists the meaning of the wish to achieve disastrous consequences. As you can see, Desiree bears a strong physical resemblance to Shego, who since she was designed two years earlier might be justifiably unhappy about that fact.

danny phantom's desiree spanks kim possible's shego

Desiree spanks Shego. Concept by CDB2. Art by Tennente (click to enlarge). Shego © Disney. Desiree © Nickelodeon & Butch Hartman. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/30/2014.

CDB2 masterminded the scene here, in which Desiree grants his wish to have Shego get spanked: "So you have wished it, so shall it be!" as Desiree often says. Actually, it's the artist Tennente (Lieutenant in English) who granted CDB2's birthday wish by drawing the spanking. His OTK positioning is pretty good with Shego's behind well raised for the spanks, although her hips are a little too far back for holding her balanced in place.

Tennente is no stranger to drawing Shego, but he doesn't generally go in for girl/girl action of any kind. We have not been able to find any other spanking drawings by him, which is too bad because he draws his female characters nice and round.

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