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doc savage takes buffy otk for a spanking at the beach

Buffy gets her bottom buffed by Doc Savage, Man of Bronze. Art by Petia (commissioned by Monk). Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/12/2012 (click to increase in size).

Petia, who did the Wonder Woman Spanks Poison Ivy drawing we saw during the recent Super Spanking Summer II, drew this one as a commission for Monk. Now, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie and T.V. series) was a ridiculous concept, with the idea of a line of heroic "slayers" cribbed from The Phantom and Mr. Monster, but it had a loyal cult following, which is why there have been so many "Buffy gets spanked" commissions, and we're certainly not complaining about that! The beach background worked out rather well here, and the variant OTK positioning looks pretty good, as does Buffy's bared bottom (what we can see of it) and her dismayed expression.

Probably all CSR's younger readers know who Buffy is, but they may not know Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze. Although he has since appeared in many other media, Doc Savage was one of the great pulp heroes, going all the way back to March 1933 when he appeared in the first issue of Doc Savage Magazine. ("Pulps" were magazines that pre-dated comic books, printed on cheap paper made from wood pulp, and extremely popular until competition from movies, television, paperback books, and of course slick magazines and comic books, as well as the increasing cost of paper rendered the form no longer viable economically.)

doc savage magazine december 1933 cover

This takes us back: Doc Savage magazine, December 1933. This 80-page novel would cost you a big 10 cents - no wonder the pulps were so popular!

Here's what ol' Doc looked like back in his original format, from December 1933.

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