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Dottie Gets Spanked

dottie gets spanked

Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/19/2010

still from dottie gets spanked

A determined-looking Adam Arkin spanks Julie Halston in Dottie Gets Spanked.

This half-hour 1993 film could have become a kind of rallying cry for us spankos, but for some reason it never did. It details the experiences of six-year-old Steven Gale (Evan Bonifant) who discovers his attraction to spanking and struggles to understand it. Unfortunately, we've never been able to screen the movie, so we can't give you a proper review (if the U.S. economy ever recovers, and we have money again, we're certainly going to purchase the DVD).

What we can tell you is the plot involves Steven's fascination with The Dottie Show (based on writer/director Todd Haynes's own fascination with Lucille Ball in the 60's). As part of the live studio audience, he witnesses Dottie getting spanked during rehearsal (which leads us to suppose that Haynes must have seen at least one of the Desi Arnaz / Lucille Ball spankings from I Love Lucy on T.V. when he was a boy).

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