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Dr. Drakken Spanks Shego

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In government, failure is often lavishly rewarded, but in either private or criminal enterprise it is usually punished. Such is the case here where Dr. Drakken takes Shego in hand for letting Kim Possible get away again. Shego doesn't seem to object to this example of workplace discipline: not only is she giggling while being spanked, she almost seems to be egging Drakken on by wearing panties with the "KP" logo on them!

Good work here by Yumibow, who appears in this gallery for the first time, simultaneously cute and sexy, and with the favored OTK position.

dr drakken spanks shego for her failure

Dr. Drakken spanks his employee Shego. Art by Yumibow. © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/13/2014.

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