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Eat Paddle, Shego!

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We're going to begin a rather long series of Kim Possible spankings by starting on the periphery of Kim's cast of characters, beginning with her nemesis Shego and introducing each as we go along for the benefit of us older-types who aren't familiar with these modern shows.

So who is Kim Possible? To quote Disney, she's "a typical high school girl who, in her spare time, saves the world from evil villains." Making her debut in 2002, the premise of the series sounds to us a lot like that of Spy Kids (2001). Well, kids like comics and TV shows about kids, and that's been true since at least The Amazing Spider-Man back in 1963.

Shego is the sidekick of the evil Dr. Drakken, Kim's enemy. Now let's see her get paddled!

kim possible and shego

Shego (left) and Kim Possible (right). Art by Jacob. © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/23/2014.

As we will see, Shego has been the inspiration for a surprising amount of spanking art, and not just her spanking and getting spanked by Kim Possible as we might expect, either - here, she's bent over and paddled bare bottom by Kam-Kam, who's the creation of artist animekid0839 and not even one of Kim's cast of characters! He swings a mean paddle, though, and when the spankee has her eyes closed and mouth open right after the swat as Shego does here, you can be sure she really felt it! Ouch!

kim possible villainess shego paddled by kam-kam

Eat paddle, Shego! Art by animekid0839. Shego © Disney. Kam-Kam © animekid0839. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/23/2014.

animekid0839 concerns himself mainly with anime, as his name suggests, and has a very cute style. He puts Shego in excellent position to be paddled here, placing her over a table with her forearms flat (causing her to bend well over) and head up (causing her behind to stick out more). He does occasional spanking drawings but seems to concentrate more on wedgies.

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