The Unfortunate Countess

eneg unfortunate countess spanking

© Bélier Press. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/18/2010.

Concluding our series on the work of Eneg (Gene Bilbrew) we have an example from The Unfortunate Countess. Once again Bilbrew devised an elaborate mechanical bondage device which looks needlessly complicated (and uncomfortable), but he also gives us excellent positioning: on her toes, knees straight, head up, and back arched. This one really cries out for a paddle to be applied, as Bilbrew must surely have realized, but then he rarely showed the moment of impact. Perhaps he (and Irving Klaw) were constrained by fear of postal regulations - a subject we touched on in Frontier Romances #1. It was illegal to send "obscene" materials through the mail (probably it still is), and Klaw several times had problems with the authorities in the 1950's because of his bondage and spanking material, incredibly tame as it was by today's standards.

For the benefit of any neophyte spankers out there, we need to emphasize that while you can and should position the spankee much the way shown here for paddling or caning - bent over with knees straight, head up, and back arched - you should not restrain the arms like this, pulled sharply behind the back. It would be too hard on the shoulders, and is just plain mean. As a matter of fact, we have never used bondage-type restraints, but if we did, it would only be a light tying of the wrists in front of the body, or carefully-designed restraints as part of a spanking bench. And for spankees: never let a man restrain you in any way unless you already know him extremely well.

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