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george nader spanks jane powell in the female animal

George Nader spanks Jane Powell (image reversed; the actual spanking was left-handed). Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/16/2011.

The Female Animal seems to have been a rather undistinguished melodrama (we've never seen it) except for having one very brief spanking scene (Dan Rivera notes that it was also Hedy Lamarr's last movie). We're not sure where this still image came from, but it may have been from Dan. It's a very short scene with only a few spanks (not as many as she deserved) but it does take place over a swimsuit, so it qualifies for this week's Swimsuit Spanking Issue. The players here are the handsome George Nader, who although not exactly a household word actually had a rather successful career in films and television, and Jane Powell, who began her career as a singer and is remembered today mainly for various musical roles.

george nader spanks jane powell in the female animal

Publicity still?

There was some discussion plus this second still and a video clip on Chross's Blog. We suspect this one is a publicity still, since the actual spanking took place on the couch as shown in the picture above. The positioning here is a little better, but Powell still isn't turned far enough over Nader's knee.

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