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german postcard with carpet beater spanking

A very old German postcard, found at Chross Blog. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/03/2014.

Last time we saw an old German postcard with a New Year's spanking, so we might as well present now the only other German postcard in our collection at the present time. The drawing isn't bad, but this is one of the more awkward spanking scenes we've looked at. You should deliberately bend the spankee over and get her in just the right position, but here it looks like she's just been sort of thrown over a little table, knocking over a pitcher of water in the process. As for the carpet beater, it is a usable spanking implement provided reasonable care is taken to aim it carefully (it's wide enough to strike the spankee's thighs if the spanker isn't careful) and not apply it too hard. Of the common spanking implements it most resembles the paddle. It falls into the category of "pervertibles," meaning it's a common household item that can be pressed into service as a spanking implement much like the hairbrush and the tennis shoe.

The caption is something about "that which you do not want," and we think it's safe to say the spankee here does not want this spanking! We'd guess the pair are husband and wife.

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