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A fairly prolific spanking artist, Julian Guile has not appeared in CSR's pages until now. [9/18/2015 Update: we now know this is the art of Hobbs, not Guile - see below for the complicated details.] The primary reason for this is Guile's habit of depicting spankees who are either under age or who could easily be taken for such, and we generally prefer to err on the side of caution in those cases. [With the Archie gang or other characters from teen humor comics who attend high school, we assume they are seniors and eighteen years old unless we have contrary information.] Realizing this, Pablo enhanced one of Hobbs' drawings in such a way that an explicit declaration is made to the effect that the participants are in college and therefore legal adults.

We're left with a combination of the best each man has to offer: Hobbs' ability to depict a spankee's distress and Pablo's skill at making the bottom a more attractive target (fuller, rounder, well-defined, and spankable)! As a matter of fact, Jon (UASketcher) had a hand in this one also, perhaps providing the first coloring, and it was his version that Pablo began working with. On the right is a follow-up panel in which Pablo further modified the spankee's expression - she's definitely feeling it now!

jackson guile college spanking enhanced by pablo

Art by Hobbs as modified by Pablo. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/16/2011.

jackson guile college spanking enhanced by pablo and animated

Art by Hobbs (not Thorn - see explanation), colors by Stone Knight, and animation by Uasketcher. Posted by the Web-Ed on 9/18/2015.

9/18/2015 Update: When we found this animated version (we think Pablo sent it to us), it pretty much blew to smithereens everything we thought we knew about the art above. First, the original artist was not Julian Guile (we thought we recognized his style) but a man named Hobbs who was best known for his work in the British spanking magazine Blushes during the 70's and 80's. When the internet came along, someone calling himself "Thorn" put his own signature on much of Hobbs' work and posted it, perhaps realizing that many of us in America and the rest of the world had never seen Blushes and wouldn't recognize the work as that of Hobbs.

And the deception worked, at least for a while. It appears that both Stone Knight and Jon (Uasketcher), who did the coloring and animating respectively, believed the work was that of Thorn. Pablo found this animated version having no way of knowing that the artist was in fact Hobbs, and used it as the basis for his two versions above.

jackson guile college spanking enhanced by pablo and animated

Art by and © Hobbs. Posted by the Web-Ed on 9/18/2015.

Here, finally, is the original art by Hobbs which was easy to find once we knew it was his. To avoid any misunderstanding of the type we referred to at the top of this page, we will point out that despite her young face, the spankee is as tall as the spanker and is therefore an adult.

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