red sox fan spanks cute yankees fan with paddle

posted by the Web-Ed 12/11/2009

"Hard Hand - Strong Paddle, Will Spank" - maybe this was supposed to be the spanking equivalent of Have Gun Will Travel. It looks a lot like the cover of one of those cheap porno paperbacks we used to see twenty-five or more years ago on rotating racks in adult bookstores (we were only there hunting for spanking material - honest!), so maybe that's where it came from, although it's better-drawn than the ones we remember. If so, the book's literary merits have been lost to posterity, but at least its cover remains, with a very shapely young woman just waiting to get paddled.

We found this at at Arcana press where it was described as “tales, anecdotes and correspondence from sixties-era fetish publisher Diana Press aimed at the literate spanking afficionado.”

diana press

Posted by the Web-Ed 03/15/2013

03/15/2013 Update: Tiptopper sent us this back page and some further information on Diana Press, which published both this book and Spanking Anecdota:

"The address of Diana Press was 74 Montgomery Street, Jersey City 2, NJ which was also the address of the famous Nutrix company of the 1950's which published much fetish material."
Indeed it was, and you have to love their twin symbols, the belt and the hairbrush!

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