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daughter spanking mother to help her quit smoking

Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/11/2011

About a year ago, we introduced our readers to the work of Patron E. Hall in the striking Revenge of the Nerd. This time, we have an unusual F/F piece in which (we believe) a daughter helps her mother quit smoking by means of disciplinary spanking! From the way Mom is gripping that cushion (and the way her daughter is gripping the hairbrush!), it looks like this spanking is going to be a good one!

Apart from the unusual theme, Hall again shows his considerable drawing skill. Look at the hair, or the expressions which really tell the story. It is a great pity that although a young artist, Hall seems to have already gone into permanent retirement. This seems to happen sometimes with spanking artists, although perhaps some of them continue with non-spanking art careers of which we know nothing. We particularly regret this in Hall's case, because he had more sheer drawing talent than perhaps any other young artist we've encountered in the past few years. His only shortcoming, and this would not apply if we consider his work as pure art, is that because he depends on straight lines more than curves, his bottoms have a somewhat "flattish" shape.

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