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hunter vs rogue fantasy spanking

This was titled "Hunter vs. Rogue?" but we don't know if those are the names of specific characters. Art by Sgratt (Klauth) (click to double-size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/24/2014.

This is an usual fantasy scene involving characters we don't recognize. It may be that generic characters were intended - we don't keep up with video or role-playing games and probably wouldn't recognize anyone this side of Lara Croft anyway. We believe the spankee is some kind of elf, while the spanker is something called an "orc" - a mythical, brutish creature. In a nice touch, our elf-spankee gets her pants pulled down by the orc-spanker's pet dragon! We'd generally recommend taking the spankee's knife away before turning her over your knee, however.

Fantasy is the normal métier of the artist, Sgratt (alias Klauth), whose spanking scenes emphasize this element over eroticism. He's quite a good artist as can be seen from the detailed pencilling and atmospheric coloring among other things, but we haven't seen any new work from him for a couple of years now.

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