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Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/31/2010

We saw some vintage spanking from the 1950's last time, so let's see another example now. This one was actually produced by Irving Klaw (that was his real name - you couldn't make up an alias like that) whom we mentioned last time. Klaw had begun his business, Movie Star News, by selling mail-order pictures of movie stars, and only started producing bondage and spanking material upon the request of some kinky customers. You can see from this example as well as from many others that Klaw was no spanko - the positioning was typically awkward as we would expect from someone who hadn't actually given any spankings himself. We have no opinion as to how good it is from the standpoint of pure bondage, something we have no interest in. Because our focus is always on spanking, our only concern when it comes to bondage is that the subject should be in good spanking position (well bent-over, knees straight, head up, back arched) and suitably restrained for the paddle, cane, etc.

The bondage here would seem to satisfy those criteria, with the exceptions of no real back arch and that misplaced rope being held in the spanker's left hand which would probably not feel too good to either spanker or spankee. We don't recognize either of the models (although the spanker has dark hair, she isn't Bettie Page). The ropes were probably tied by Klaw's sister Paula, who assisted him during his life and took over the business after his death. By all accounts, the restraints were quite genuine and the models were truly immobilized.

We'll mention one more time that we find these old 50's spanking pictures of historical interest but not of much value as spanking erotica - they're simply too inept and too tame. Still, this was perhaps as good as it got back then (as far as photography was concerned - spanking comics and cartoons were another matter entirely).

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