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joe shuster spanking continental #1

From Continental #1, exact publication date unknown. Taken from Secret Identity and posted by the Web-Ed on 03/01/2013 (click to double-size).

We have posted two Humorama spanking cartoons by Superman co-creator and original artist Joe Shuster (Secretary Spankings #15 and #34). They came as something of a surprise to us as we had not realized that Shuster had done any work for Humorama until this fact was revealed by author Craig Yoe in his book Secret Identity. Shuster came to Humorama at a time (c. 1960) when its days of buying large quantities of new cartoons were coming to an end; by 1963 the huge inventory allowed them to fill their digests with reprinted cartoons. Consequently, Shuster's Humorama cartoons were few and we are fortunate that two "spankers" were numbered among them.

Yoe only dealt tangentially with Humorama, for his real focus was his discovery of the large number of B & D cartoons Shuster had done a little earlier in the 1950's for less-reputable publishers, and we begin a series of those cartoons now. Actually, while the term "less-reputable" certainly applies to the bulk of these cartoons, the first one we're going to see appeared in a digest-sized publication, Continental #1, which apparently aspired to some semblance of quality, especially in comparison with Nights of Horror which we'll see as this series continues. Given its name, a European-style sophistication may have been the goal, but we'll never know what heights Continental might have reached since as far as anyone knows no second issue ever appeared. At any event, this is a decent spanking cartoon depicting school corporal punishment as someone (we don't know who) imagined it, administered by switch over-the-knee to a rather grown-up looking pupil.

In fact, by this time switches had been replaced with paddles in most American schools that still used corporal punishment, and while the spankee is being bent far enough over, her hips are too far back (i.e. to the spanker's right) for the OTK position to be stable. We doubt that Shuster had any personal adult spanking experience, a point to which we'll return in the next couple of entries.

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