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Nights of Horror #13 - Patriarch of Sin

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joe shuster drawing on cover of nights of horror #13

From Nights of Horror #13 (1954). Taken from Secret Identity and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/19/2013 (click to double-size).

Before it was seized and destroyed by the New York City authorities (see the three preceding entries in this series), Nights of Horror ran a total of sixteen "official" issues (we'll discuss the putative #17 next time). However, the last issue that had a M/F spanking was #13, and we'll see it now.

The story was called "Patriarch of Sin" and it involved one of those hypocritical backwoods preachers more common in the feverish imaginations of the secular Left than in reality. Seth Parker, our "patriarch," seems to double as schoolmaster, probably so he can administer corporal punishment with the switch. The scene depicted on the cover is a re-drawing of one of the interior illustrations (see below). Our spankee, Ann, seems a little too old to still be in school, but she's not too old to be bent over for the switch, panties down, as another student looks on with anticipation. Joe Shuster does the bending-over position pretty well except that Ann probably couldn't brace herself on tiptoe that way without the weight of upper entire body being directly supported by the desk.

joe shuster drawing of patriarch spanking a woman with a switch in nights of horror #13

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