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joe shuster spanking machine style from nights of horror #6

From Nights of Horror #6 (1954), exact publication date unknown. Taken from Secret Identity and posted by the Web-Ed on 03/22/2013 (click to double-size).

We're not going to show the cover of Nights of Horror #6 because it depicts a woman being threatened with a hot poker. Apparently the writer, Clancy, had a lot of sick fantasies we don't need to get into, or else he thought the harsher B & D stuff would sell better. Luckily, the straight spankings aren't too bad, and Shuster's artwork here is in fact very good. The odd "spanking machine" position is used, where the spankee gets it bongo-style with both hands while crawling in between the spanker's legs, but at least Shuster gives us a nice-sized bare bottom (what we can see of it).

The story is Slaves of Gerardo, a stage hypnotist who misuses his abilities to enslave girls, making them strip and submit to spankings. There is in fact a second spanking from this story we'll see next time. There was also a second story in this issue, Girl Wanted, but no M/F spanking we could find, only some F/M whipping which we'll pass on. Like we said, Clancy had a lot of sick fantasies.

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