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Jon (UASketcher) Memorial Gallery

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CSR readers should have at least a passing familiarity with the work of UASketcher (short for "Underground Animations Sketcher"), for we have several of his animations scattered throughout our galleries. They have appeared on other sites as well, but the majority of his work was to be found on his own site,, and its bulletin board, The Artastic Forum.

Jon passed away in October 2011, so we collected some of his X/F spanking work to create this memorial gallery to him. Jon didn't confine himself to spanking nor to the X/F orientations within spanking, but we decided not to present any of his F/M or non-spanking pieces since the focus at CSR is M/F, and in any case we feel this format represented Jon at his best. As the works will be presented without individual commentary, we'd like to make some general remarks here.

park spanking by jon

(click to enlarge)

Jon was not possessed of an overpowering technique, so he chose to work in a simple style. There's nothing wrong with that - Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts strip and one of the best American cartoonists in the second half of the twentieth century, had a very simple style, but it was undeniably effective. Jon used his style to imbue his drawings with a rather startling innocence - startling because his subject matter, spanking and sex, was anything but innocent. In his more intense work, which will not be seen here, the contrast between style and subject became quite jarring.

You can see that innocent quality in "Park Spanking" at left. The setting, a park on a sunny day, is so tranquil and the expressions so happy and childlike that you almost expect the sun himself to be depicted with a smiling face as you might see in a child's drawing. Yet amid this pastoral scene, the subject is adult spanking, and the artist clearly has more than a nodding acquaintance with it, for the OTK positioning is very good and the inherent humiliation is enhanced by the presence of a witness and a camera.

Cameras and witnesses frequently appear in Jon's work, serving as they did in "Park Spanking" to emphasize the spankee's humiliation at having her bottom warmed. Paddles are often used also - evidently Jon shared our love of this particular implement and of the bending-over positions. Bondage is often a factor, but only appears in four of the drawings we have selected.

Click on each of the thumbnails below to see a larger version.

4 on the floor cynthia spanked skirt up paddle applied in holding-ankles position
4 on the Floor Cynthia Skirt Up Touch Your Toes! (animated)
basement paddling blue jean caning spanking bandits
Basement Paddling Blue Jean Caning (animated) The Spanking Bandits
bottoms up bottoms up brady bunch spanking
Bottoms Up (still) Bottoms Up (animated) Brady Bunch Spanking
the nanny's fanny the nanny's fanny oh my! over the knee bare bottom spanking
The Nanny's Fanny (still) The Nanny's Fanny (animated) Oh My!
good neighbor spanks one swat for every red x one swat for every red x
Good Neighbor Spanking One Swat Per Red "X" (still) One Swat Per Red "X" (animated)
pedestal spanking trapped in a floating pillory for a spanking sally's spanking with witnesses
Over Pedestal Spanking Pillory Spanking (animated) Sally's Spanking
snapshot spanking six of the best caning six of the best caning animated
Snapshot (animated) Six of the Best (still) Six of the Best (animated)
otk spanking with big lollypop otk spanking with big lollypop teacher initiated paddled by students
Sweet Swats (still) Sweet Swats (animated) Teacher Paddled by Students

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