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father spanks daughter while mother watches

Art by Kevin Karstens. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/02/2012.

Chross posted this one on his Bulletin Board, and I believe it came there by way of the late Artastic Forum (anyone interested can read about my attempts to save Artastic on CSR's own Forum). The artwork is obviously by Kevin Karstens, who has appeared on CSR many times before both in this gallery and in Comics Gallery 1, thanks mainly to the efforts of his collaborator Bawdy Bard, the man responsible for commissioning the works from Karstens in the first place.

The odd thing is that this scene doesn't have the feel of what we might call a Bawdy Bard production (and it was not among the many items BB has sent to us). BB's scenes are generally humorous and always consensual, whereas this appears to be a strict parental punishment, administered by father to daughter while the mother looks sternly on - at least, that's our take on it. Perhaps someone else commissioned it from Karstens, but if so his identity is obscure, at least for now. Karstens' style is evident here in the figure drawing, more realistic than caricature even though few lines are used to achieve this effect.

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