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Kim Possible finds that being spanked by her friend Ron Stoppable gives her relief from having to be in charge on their missions together. Art by Kevin Karstens, concept by Bawdy Bard. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/29/2014 (click to double-size).

A very enjoyable type of scene is called "power exchange" in which a socially powerful or high-powered career woman is taken down a peg by being "forced" to submit to a spanking ("power transfer" would be better, since the power is only flowing one way during a spanking session). The classic Phantom/Queen Pera spanking is of this type. We say "forced" with quotes because such scenes in practice are more often than not consensual (the Phantom/Pera scene should be considered a case of retroactive consent, for Pera enjoyed being spanked in the sense of needing to submit to a powerful man even though she protested mightily and was in sincere distress while her royal rump was being warmed). And that is the essence of the power exchange scene: strong woman needs to submit to a more-powerful man by receiving a spanking from him.

Personally, we like such scenes even when the woman hates it: there's something very natural and satisfying about a woman being made to submit to a man. But of course the eroticism is greatest when the woman has secretly desired the spanking treatment and is thrilled to receive it. And that is definitely the case here (all Bawdy Bard-conceived spanking are consensual), where Kim Possible gets some badly-needed relief from the stress of being in charge of world-saving missions by assuming the role of spanked slave-girl to "Master" Ron Stoppable. Kevin Karstens subtly adapts the cartoon figures of Kim and Ron to the purpose by making them a little more realistic. Good work by Karstens, and our thanks to Bawdy Bard for sending this to us a while back.

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