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Kim Possible Paddled by Ron Stoppable

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kim possible paddled by ron stoppable stavros1972

Kim Possible receives a good paddling from her friend Ron Stoppable. Art © by Stavros1972. Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/29/2014 (click to double-size).

Perhaps the most natural spanker for Kim Possible is her friend Ron Stoppable. The story here is that Kim and Ron inhabit the Fem-Slave world, which has some interesting laws. One of them prohibits slave girls from undoing their own leashes, which Kim did in an attempt to protect Ron. A police officer forces Ron to agree to punish Kim as soon as they get back home, and you can see that Ron does appear a little hesitant here. Here is what the artist, Stavros1972, had to say about this one:

"I found myself in a bit of a quandary with this one. We know from the season three episode, “Bad Boy” that Ron makes a really good villain. In fact, he was even able to put the strong willed Shego in her place. Considering this, I thought it possible that Ron had a sadistic streak buried deep inside, and that he might actually enjoy paddling Kim, which would warrant a smile in the pic. But as I said before, I get tired of kinky illustrations and comics that show EVERY man as a cruel, mean spirited sadist. So in the end, I decided the idea of Ron reluctantly paddling Kim would make for a much more interesting pic."
Honestly, we have to think that Stavros' first instinct was correct, and Ron should have been smiling. But Stavros obviously does not have a lot of interest in spanking, although he does have a lot of interest in Kim Possible and female slaves.

Stavros appears to prefer traditional media; it looks like colored pencil was employed here.

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