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kim possible spanks shego kein2002

Kim Possible spanks Shego. Art by Kein2002 (a/k/a Deadmoon). Characters © Disney. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/25/2014

So far during our Kim Possible Series we have seen Kim spanked four times by her adversary Shego! We've certainly got no problem with this amount of spanking, but we'd like to see good triumph over evil at least some of the time, which in this context means Kim spanking Shego. Strangely, we have only found one non-pornographic drawing that fits this description, and we'll take a look at it now.

Our notes credit this one to Kein2002, although we can no longer locate the original source and it doesn't look too much like his other work, which typically features a single female character. This is a seated-on-the-ground spanking, which amounts to a variation of OTK but without sufficient space to really turn the spankee over. Nonetheless, Kim seems to have found a way to get Shego's hips up nice and high, and seems very glad to have finally turned the tables on her adversary with a bongo-style spanking.

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