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krampus spanks by nick roberts

Krampus does his job at Christmas time. We'd bet this young lady wishes she hadn't been quite so naughty all year! Art by Nick Roberts. © NickRobertsArts. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/20/2013 (click to increase in size).

We've discussed the story of Krampus elsewhere, so we won't go through it all again here. Suffice it to say it's one of our very favorite Christmas legends! In this variation as envisioned by artist Nick Roberts there's a bit of bondage involved with the spankee's wrists attached to chains. We like the fact that she's bending over to receive her just desserts from a bundle of birch rods for being a bad girl all year.

Roberts is an artist preoccupied with Gothic horror. Bondage and spanking do occasionally pop up in his work, but we can't say he's really into it himself. He has an original style and a considerable artistic technique - perhaps more than is immediately apparent from this particular example of his work. We also like the undeniable eroticism of the composition here, with the spankee's legs well apart and the suggestion of well-shaped buttocks (we don't see too much from this angle) rather provocatively and submissively thrust out to receive the strokes. Roberts has had some gallery showings and has occasionally done some work on commission, but we don't know if he accepts spanking commissions.

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